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Project: Aseptic Line

This linear aseptic filling machine features a single row 8, 10, 12 filling station. Customers can also opt for double row 8+8, 10+10 or 12+12 filling station. The machine is integrated with aseptic gas system for sterilization to form an aseptic filling line. Modular design with a variety of filling and sealing function modules, can […]

Project: Carbonated Soft Drink (Glass Bottle)

Counter pressure filling, also known as isobaric filling is suitable for soft drinks, beers, champagne, soda water, sparkling water, etc. Carbonated drinks require this filling mechanism to prevent the loss of carbon dioxide dissolved in the product/water. This is important to reduce foaming during the filling process which will affect the quality and filling accuracy.

Project: ESL/Ultraclean Line

Based on the concept of aseptic technology, sterilization performance is higher than the general ultra-clean filling equipment, using dry sterilization. Dry with sterile hot air. No need to consume water to flush the bottle. Rotary Sterilizer/Rinser Hot air with H2O2 at 2-3bar Electronic spray head insertion type Dry clean/aseptic air at 80°C CIP SIP cleaning […]

Project: Lubricant Oil

Techgen lubricant oil filling machine can be divided into two types: linear and rotary. Both types can achieve high measuring accuracy, support various type of bottles and easy adjustment during changeover. We have experience in filling transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, etc. Our rotary weight filler is designed to […]

Project: Mineral Water

Techgen have supplied numerous complete bottled water filling line across the region. Complete turnkey line includes: PET blowing, filling, capping, OPP labelling, coding, shrink bundling, palletizing and pallet wrapping. On request, Techgen can provide the Italian AROL capper to link with our monoblock which is similar to most European suppliers. Liquid nitrogen dosing system can […]