Project: Aseptic Line

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This linear aseptic filling machine features a single row 8, 10, 12 filling station. Customers can also opt for double row 8+8, 10+10 or 12+12 filling station.

The machine is integrated with aseptic gas system for sterilization to form an aseptic filling line.

Modular design with a variety of filling and sealing function modules, can fill milk, yoghurt and juice with or without pulp through functional combination. Able to apply aluminum sealing in the machine.

Suitable with plastic PET, HDPE or glass bottles including wide mouth pudding glass bottles.

Filling rage is between 150ml to 2000ml, production capacity from 6000BPH to 30000BPH

Key Features

Dry Sterilization Process

  • Kills bacteria and does not need to flush the bottle with water

Hydrogen Peroxide Residual

  • Within FDA standard

Sterilization Efficiency

  • Log (Sterilization Efficiency/Reduction) ≥ 6

Can be filled with particles

  • E.g. pulp fibers