Bottle Unscrambler (Spider Robot)

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High speed and delicate handling of empty bottles onto the conveyor which adopts Pick and Place mechanism using Spider / Delta robot.

Key Features

This machine consists of bottle infeed conveyor, bottle picking conveyor , spider robotic, standing up bottle conveyor , buffer conveyor, outfeed conveyor machine frame. When working, the bottles are conveyed to the bottle infeed conveyor through the bottle elevator, and there is a mechanism to lie down the bottles on the conveyor. Adopts the speed difference between the bottle infeed conveyor and the bottle picking conveyor to extend the bottle distance and separate the bottles. When the bottles are transported to the spider robotic working area, the spider hand detects the view angle. According to the position of the bottle mouth, the bottle are rotated or translated to the standing up bottle conveyor to ensure that the direction of the bottle mouth is consistent. The standing up bottle conveyor turns the bottles from upside down state to the upright state, and enters the buffer conveyor. There is bottle stop mechanism on the buffer conveyor to enable the bottles entering to the filling machine in sequence. Machine equips with full bottles and missing bottles detection.

Key Features

  • Delicate handling to bottles (scratch free)
  • Positioning of bottles (we can program it to always have your bottle handle at one side)
  • No change parts when change different bottle size
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Save electricity
  • Easy to use and simple operation