Linear Capping Machine (Tracking)

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Advanced tracking technology – achieve higher production speed with fewer capping stations. Able to run different types of caps.

Key Features

Adjustable Capping Torque

  • Integrated with servo motor and PLC
  • Flexibility to adjust cap tightness for different products
  • The use of servo motor prevents overtightening of cap which may lead to thread damage or cracked closure

Automatic Tracking Technology

  • Remarkable production rate
  • Synchronisation between capping and conveyor speed
  • No bottles positioner required; reducing setup or changeover workload

Built-in Pressing Cylinder

  • Align and position bottle to ensure smooth capping
  • Suitable for wide range of bottles with different design
  • Able to function as capping head for specific bottle caps such as Snap-on caps

Capping heads to fit your product requirements

Wheel Type                                                                Claw Type
Twist Off Cap                                            Trigger Spray Cap
Screw Cap                                                 Atomizer Spray Cap
Screw Cap with Pump                             Spout Cap
Snap-On Cap                                            Sports Bottle Cap