PET Blowing Machine

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Adopts latest blowing idea and world leading technology to our revolutionary high speed blowing technology. Equipped with world renowned components such as German R+W clutch, TOSHIBA infrared lamps, BOSCH REXROTH linear guide, Swiss SEITZ high pressure air valve, AIRTEC stretching cylinder, SIEMENS control system, OPTEX temperature controller, PARKER/BOSCH REXROTH brake cylinder, SEW/NORD motor, SKF/NSK bearings, etc.

Key Features

Stretching Guide

  • Mechanically control speed of stretching
  • Prevents uneven stretching caused by turbulence of blowing air
  • Ensures shape and quality of the bottle are consistent

Preform Rotating Structure

  • Ensures the preform is kept at upside down orientation in the oven
  • Prevents the bottle neck from overheating and deformation

Adequate Spindle’s Distance

  • Accommodates various bottle neck size (0 – 38mm pitch circle diameter)
  • Optimised for infrared heating and energy saving

Well Designed Mould Clamping Cam and Robotic Arm Cam

  • Smooth operation with reduced vibration and noise
  • Synchronization of preform loading and mould clamping

Straightforward and Easy

  • Mould switching without special tools
  • Synchronization of preform loading and mould clamping
  • User friendly operating system with alarm


Linear Type

Rotary Type