Stand Alone Labelling Machine

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Stand alone labelling machine which can be integrated to your current conveyor system or desktop type with semi auto function.

Key Features

Tilt Angle Adjustment

  • Fine tuning on labelling heads for tilt, horizontal and vertical axis

Label Stop Accuracy

  • Within ±1 mm

Synchronized System

  • Integrated servo motors and PLC

Robust Design

  • Machine body frame made of high quality stainless steel

Product Range Flexibility

  • Able to label on almost any shape of container and multiple angles of up to 4 sides of the container (front, back, top, bottom, wraparound, etc.)

Tool-less Setup

  • Convenient changeover with our fingertips control design over 4-axis pitch and roll setup adjustments

Mode of Operation

  • Can be designed to customer requirement (semi auto or fully auto)