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Conveyor is important to transfer a product from one location to another. Depending on the application, we are able to design the conveyor according to the customer’s requirements ranging from pharmaceutical needs to heavy industries.

Type of Conveyors

1. Slat Conveyor

  • Available in plastic or stainless steel slat plates
  • Variable speed drive motor
  • Frame/Support: S/S Conveyor bed, Conveyor side with stainless steel

2. Belt Conveyor

  • Suitable for pharmaceutical industry
  • Frame/Support: S/S or aluminum

3. Roller Conveyor

  • Available in PVC or stainless steel rollers
  • Non-motorized
  • Frame/Support: S/S 
  • The weight load of a single PVC roller is 25KG & a single SS 304 roller is 50KG.
  • Height : 560mm +/-100mm

PVC Rollers
Roller Size : 50mm Dia x 700mm
Pitch : 75mm (1.2M length use 48 pcs roller)

Stainless Steel Rollers
Roller Size : 50mm Dia x 400mm Length
Pitch : 50mm (1M Length use 20 pcs of roller)


Side Gripping Belt Conveyor with Synchronize Gear Speed Drive

  • Red glue material Polyurethane, wear-resistant
  • Frame/Support: S/Steel with synchronous gear transmission with individual control box