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Can Seamer

Seamer chuck holds the can while the rolls rotate around it. This seals the tin by interlocking the can body and can lid.


Conveyor is important to transfer a product from one location to another. Depending on the application, we are able to design the conveyor according to the customer’s requirements ranging from pharmaceutical needs to heavy industries. Type of Conveyors 1. Slat Conveyor Available in plastic or stainless steel slat plates Variable speed drive motor Frame/Support: S/S […]

Induction Sealer

Still operating a water-cooled induction sealer? Try our air-cooled induction sealer which is more compact, efficient and low maintenance.

Metal Detector

Detects metal impurities in the product. Improves product safety especially in industries such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical as it poses high risk to the end user. Key Features: Special belt design of anti-deviation effectively avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt State-of-the-art coil technology with an extremely short metal-free-zone allows shortest conveyor belt lengths […]

Pallet Wrapper

Stretch wrap your pallet with our straddle / rotary turn arm or turntable pallet wrapper.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

PVC or PET shrink sleeve can be applied on caps to act as a tamper evident seal to improve product branding. It can also be applied on containers as product label. High speed and precise cutting operation. Then, it passes through heat / shrink tunnel which utilizes steam or convection.

Shrink Wrapper

Also known as shrink bundler, provides a strong and secure packaging to safeguard products during transportation. A shrink film will be applied to unitize multiple products arranged in batches. Then, it passes through heat / shrink tunnel which utilizes steam or convection. Features: Overwrap concept Speedup 30 to 80 packs/min Single or double lane PLC […]