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Aseptic UHT System

The system is suitable for UHT treatment of milk, juice, and other bacteria-sensitive products, with an indirect heating system using tubular heat exchangers. The plant is equipped with a homogenizer and can work at variable capacities. Capacity: Normal from 1-5T/h, up to 20 T/h Type of Product: a. Fresh cow milk max. 4% fat content b. Fruit […]

Count-Fill Machine

This machine is suitable for packing solid items into packets (E.g. hardware items, moth balls and etc.)

Gable Top Form/Fill/Seal Machine

The machine is controlled automatically, with stainless steel AISI304 frame and complete with safety guard and safety on-off switch. Main drive is mechanical with alarm signal can be shown. Filling room can be kept positive clean air with pressure HEPA filtered air which is also sterilized by UV radiation. The machine can be suitable for […]

Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Machine

Sachets are formed from plastic / aluminum roll, cut, filled and sealed. Suitable for both liquid and powder products.

Sachet Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for packing granular materials, condiments and other type of liquids into sachets. Vertical Form / Fill / Seal (VFFS).

Tube Filling Machine

Product liquid is filled into the tubes at the filling station. The tube end is then sealed off with a pair of hot bar sealer. Machine available in fully auto or semi auto.

Vial Filling/Capping Machine

This set of machine comes with turntable feeder, cap sorter, filler and capper. Additional labelling station can be added.