Linear Filling Machine (Weight)

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Based on advanced load cell technology, the filler can run at high speed.

Bottles are filled with no touch to the filling nozzles. Each weighing station is equipped with an electronic load cell, which is connected to the PLC control system through field bus. The load cell has built-in processer which is able to control the filling process automatically, the processer can also optimize each filling cycle, for the purpose that the weight of last filling is always trend to the settle target.

Advantages of Fully Automatic Oil Filling Machine with Electronic Weighing System

  • Gravity filling system-taking advantage of gravity pressure.
  • Both LINEAR and ROTARY filling are accepted.
  • Suitable for various specifications.
  • Sanitary filling valves with no dead angles-making it easy to clean and convenient for products changeover.
  • Vacuum-pumping equipment and smooth air return-prevent unexpected phenomena like the splashing during filling and the dripping after that.

Having been in this line for so many years, we gathered a lot of precious experiences in equipment R & D. And on this basis, we COMBINED the strengths of various domestic filler brands WITH advanced manufacturing and processing technologies. Therefore, our revolutionary high-speed oil filling machine comes into being.