Linear Filling Machine (Piston-Tracking)

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Advanced tracking technology – achieve higher production speed with fewer pistons and nozzles compared to conventional type.

Key Features

Flexible Filling Speed Setting

  • First filling speed set high to improve productivity
  • Second filling speed will be reduced to improve accuracy, consistency and prevent splashing
  • Third filling speed may be used for foamy product
  • Gives more control and prevents spillage when filling

Unique Nozzle/Piston Design

  • Ceramic liner & stainless steel shell (optional upgrade)
  • No servicing for sealing materials
  • High accuracy filling up to ±0.5%
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Incorporated Clean In Place (CIP) function to flush in-process residues within the system

Automatic Tracking Technology

  • Remarkable production rate
  • Suitable for wide range of bottles with different design
  • Synchronisation between filling and conveyor speed
  • No bottles positioner required; reducing setup or changeover workload

Built-in Level Sensor in Product Tank

  • High quality ultrasonic sensor to detect product level
  • Transmits sound pulse and calculates the time required for the echo to return
  • Fully integrated with material pump and equipped with automatic start/stop function

Product Range Flexibility

Our machine is ideal to fill liquid product range from thin to thick liquids ranging from products like fruit juice, cream, shampoo, lotion, lubricant, oil, honey, etc.