Rotary Filling Machine (Piston)

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High speed rotary piston filler suitable for filling volumetrically a wide range of products such as various sauces (e.g. ketchup and sorts of fruit jam), thick liquid, high concentration particles, and beverage with granulate.

Key Features

  • No bottle, no fill
  • Bottle neck handling system, prevent bottle body scratch
  • Suitable for still beverages, CSD, Hot fill ultraclean, product
  • Touch screen PLC control
  • Design for easy sanitation
  • Design for easy maintenance
  • Product tank with level control, sight glass window
  • For special purpose product, two different filling speed could be implemented
  • Parts in contact with product are made from AISI 316 stainless steel, mirror polish if required for certain application or product
  • All gaskets are ozone, acid, base and high temperature resistance
  • Optional safety guard and ready to install filler air laminated flow at the top of Monoblock

Piston Filler

1. Module design
2. Simple mechanical structure
3. Easy operation and maintenance
4. Equipped with low pressure alarm
5. Rinsing water recycle (Can either 1 treatment or 2 treatment)

Adopted the fine stainless steel piston filling. The monoblock can adapt different size range depends on the customer requirement. It is equipped with automatic level control and automatic no bottle-no fill units.

Valves — Techgen Piston Filler

  • Filling accuracy can be up to 0.5%
  • Rotating parts are metal sealing
  • No bottle-no filling
  • Equipped with agitator
  • Hygienic design and auto CIP