Pouch Filling Machine

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Rotary type with complete filling and sealing stations. Can be designed to cater pouch with spout and custom seal embossing is available.

Key Features

  • Quick changeover within 10 mins which saves time and production cost.
  • Applications: stand ups (regular and sided spout within limitation), mask bag (both flat and free shape) and zipped bag.
  • Special seal bar accomplished perfect seal (preheating-sealing-pressing system). Our machine is equipped with two sets of hot sealing moulds and one set of cool sealing mould which is able to highly improve the neatness of the sealing and make the products look more delicate. While similar machines from other companies only have two sets of hot sealing moulds.
  • Each nozzle fills independently; Machine does not fill, seal and will be with sound-light alarm when there is no bag or bag opening.
  • All bag gripping size are adjusted through touch screen at a time.
  • Machine is made of Japanese originated stainless steel 304 (not aluminium) including stand column and the wheel clamp which has good corrosion resistance and easy to clean by a tap.
  • Memory holding function in touch screen (sealing temperature, gripping size, speed, filling volume were kept recipes by recipes as selected)
  • Easy dissembling and assembling for cleaning and maintenance of nozzle and filling system.
  • Abnormal sealing temperature alarm.
  • Machine stops automatically and send signals when the temperature is too low.
  • Heater disconnection alarm.
  • Machine operates through inputting the passwords to avoid carelessness.
  • Abnormal main motor inverter alarm.
  • Machine stops when abnormal air pressure is occurred.
  • Easy operation.
  • No bag- No open- No fill- No seal.
  • Easy troubleshooting by touch screen menu and alarm direction
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system allows easier maintenance.