Carton Erector

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This machine forms “American” type carton boxes with its bottom sealed using OPP Tape. Can be integrated into production line.


  • Machine with a monoblock structure completes with height adjustable feet. The machine is made of:
  • The BODY is made by steel tubes and press-formed steel sheets welded to each other, on which are mounted; the fork carton magazine device with mechanical lifting device complete with side-boards, the motorized group with mechanic gear motor, the vacuum pump with relative connection to all the vacuum parts, all the devices to pick-up the carton from the carton magazine device, for the opening phase, for the squaring phase, and for the bottom closure phase using strips of glue.
  • PROTECTION: The safety guards are made of fixed and/or accessible panels and safety devices to protect people by limiting the access to dangerous areas of the machine.
  • The ELECTRIC CONTROL-PANEL is equipped with all main power and control elements to make the machine work.
  • The CONTROL PANEL displays an alphanumeric push button-station, necessary to operate the machine automatically and/or by hand, to stop and/or reset the machine in normal and/or in emergency mode.


After the folded cartons bundle has been sent to the CARTON MAGAZINE DEVICE according to the programmed direction, it is lifted up to the pick-up height.

The CARTON TIERSHEETS REMOVER removes the top carton. Soon after the CARTON PICK-UP DEVICE takes the carton to the CLOSUREFLAP 1 and 2 areas. Here the OPENING CARTON DEVICE opens the carton while the CLOSURE DEVICE FLAPS 1 AND 2 close the two frontal sides of the carton. The opened and squared carton goes through the CARTON MOVING DEVICE and to the OPP tape section where OPP Tape apply on the previously closed flaps.

Here both FLAP 3 AND 4 CLOSURE DEVICES close the two lateral sides of the carton still open. At the FLAP PRESSURE DEVICE compresses and proceeds to the carton’s bottom final closure. At this point restarts another cycle for a new carton.

At the end of this second cycle, the carton arrived to the closure area, pushes the previous formed one out of the machine. Through two cylindrical devices, the output carton is rotate at 90 and falls on the transfer device for a moving conveyor run.