Carton Sealer

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This machine seals the top part of “American” type carton boxes using OPP tape. Stand alone or integrated into production line.


  • Machine with a mono-block structure completes with height adjustable support feet. The machine is made of the under-described parts.
  • The BODY is made by tube steel and press-formed steel sheets welded to each other, on which all the transfer devices and the carton sealing devices are mounted such as: the IDLE ROLL-CONVEYOR PLATE; the LATERAL RUBBER BELT-CONVEYOR to move the cartons forward controlled by a gear-motor; the upper BRIDGE electromechanically adjustable to hold the TOP FLAPS CLOSERS and the OPP Tape PRESSING DEVICE.
  • The SAFETY GUARDS are made of fixed and/or accessible panels and safety devices to protect people by limiting the access to the machine’s dangerous areas.
  • The ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL is equipped with all main elements to make the machine work.


The cartons formed and glued on the bottom, once filled reach the input of the CARTON SEALER, properly distanced.

The two BELT-CONVEYORS LATERAL RUBBER pull the carton inside the machine and advance it under the BRIDGE. Here a piece of sheet steel properly shaped closes the front flap and almost at the same time a pneumatic arm activated by a pneumatic sensor closes the back flap.

The carton therefore passes under the OPP Tape where the tape are applied.

Two guides properly shaped close the side FLAPS while the carton advances to the Tape PRESSING DEVICE. The carton stands-by here, no more pushed by the LATERAL RUBBER BELT-CONVEYOR, until the next carton pushes it on the output transfer device.