Carton Packer

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This mechanical grip type machine is able to receive and organize the input product coming from the filling section, take the product’s quantity required and insert them in pre-formed boxes or in plastic cases.


  • DOUBLE COLUMN STRUCTURE having: a BASE made of heavy duty rectangular press -formed steel sheets, complete with levelling equipment. The COLUMNS are also made of rectangular press-formed steel sheets connected with heavy-duty bars, where are mounted the VERTICAL GUIDES and the gear-motor to control the LIFTING DEVICE. Inverter and encoder control the LIFTING DEVICE. On the LIFTING DEVICE is mounted the HEAD SUPPORTING UNIT inside of which there are two low noise guide systems and actuated by the horizontal movement of the HEAD SUPPORTING BAR.
  • PICK-UP HEADS with a lever activated hooking device to change the format rapidly and head lowering safety with automatic drive inversion in case of mechanical contrast.
  • PRE-FORMING BELT-CONVEYOR is formed by a low friction plastic modular belt, and equipped with: a JAM FREE DEVICE, a LOAD HEIGHT SENSING DEVICE able to detect the product presence in the canals, ADJUSTABLE CANALS depending by the bottle’s diameter, and an electro-pneumatic FRONTAL MOVABLE BOARD.
  • CENTERING DEVICE is operated electro-pneumatically, able to centre the container during the product release position, and to introduce the group of the bottles in the containers.
  • CONTAINERS BELT-CONVEYOR equipped with plastic hinge chain, lateral guides boards and container’s centering boards, and pneumatic devices for CONTAINER-STOPPER positioned under the CENTERING DEVICE.
  • SAFETYGUARDS consist of a group of fix and/or openable panels and safety devices to limit the access in machine dangerous area.
  • ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL is equipped with electric and control devices needed for the function of the machine.
  • CONTROL PANEL is equipped with alphanumeric display unit and push-button station to enable and/or stop the machine in manual and/or automatic mode. The CONTROL PANEL is also equipped with emergency button to RESET the machine in case of anomalies.


The product arriving on the PRE-FORMING BELT-CONVEYOR is properly canalized in the PRODUCT GUIDES. The JAM FREE DEVICE prevents the block of the bottles near the guides. Once the canals are full and the PRODUCT PRESENCE LOAD-HEIGHT SENSING DEVICES are enabled, the PRE-FORMING BELT-CONVEYOR stops and the FRONTAL MOVABLE BOARD backs up keeping off the product’s group pressure under the PICK-UP HEADS. In the meantime the containers move forward on the CONTAINERS BELT-CONVEYOR while the output CONTAINER-STOPPER is closed. When the containers reach underneath the CENTERING DEVICE the photoelectric sensors invert the CONTAINER-STOPPER to input, so that the upstream containers are stopped. Now the CENTERING DEVICE moves down, over the containers and the PICK-UP HEADS picking-up the product from the PRE-FORMING BELT-CONVEYOR. The PRE-FORMING BELT-CONVEYOR starts again as soon as the PICK-UP HEADS are out of side play. After the product has been kindly released in the containers, the CENTERING DEVICE moves up, the output CONTAINER-STOPPER opens, the CONTAINER BELT-CONVEYOR restarts, and the full container is evacuated. After a programmed delay the output CONTAINER-STOPPER closes again, and reopens the input CONTAINER-STOPPER to let a new cycle start. During the automatic cycle the machine is able to stop in determined positions if there’s a lack of product or cases and starts again automatically when the missing item will arrive.