Robotic Palletizer

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Techgen Robotic Palletizer uses the latest generation of industrial palletizing robot. The unit is engineered for precision high speed, high load operation, user-friendly set up and max reliability supported worldwide.

The robotic system is a 4-axis,electric servo-drive robot integrated with Techgen mechanical and control unit designed for a wide variety of manufacturing and palletizing processes.

Patented Robotic System Design:

  • Our Robotic Series is much more capable and flexible than traditional¬†mechanical Robot.
  • Simple construction, highly reliable, easy maintenance.
  • Low operation cost, less quantity of component, less spare parts.
  • 4-axis servo motion with same component (therefore less spare parts should be kept).
  • 2-3 type of motors is used in the robotic system.
  • Less energy consumption (one-fifth of the traditional mechanic palletizer)
  • Less space requirement
  • Touch screen system, easy operation.
  • One robotic can handle different production lines at the same time (max. 6 lines )

The Complete Robotic System Include:

  • Robotic arm with gripper¬†made of light-weight aluminum alloy like airplane material.
  • In feed pack conveyors with rows preparation area include stoppers.
  • Pallet stacker and extract system
  • Safety guard
  • Powered conveyors for pallet
  • Control Panel
  • Palletizing program