Robotic Case Packer

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This machine is able to receive and organize the input product coming from the filling section, take the product’s quantity required and insert them in pre-formed boxes or in plastic cases.

Key Features:

• Simple operation. Only set a grabbing point and a placing position. Robot will complete calculation for each space route and placement automatically. An operator can complete modification and regulation for actual stacking position on screen. In case of products changes, input new data on the touch screen for new operation.
• Operation display: Simple and easy operation of display board and safety with hand operation. Simple and clear menu for easy operation. Only two points in need of positioning in Robotic procedure, one is grabbing and another is placing point. Able to define the best rail for most effective grabbing route so the display method is very simple.
• Grabbing form: Clamp product steadily at two sides with base support to ensure safety under high speed operation. The Robotic owns rich experience for grabbing.
• Reliability: Most of parts are located round base with the integrative reliability. Robot operation is reliable by practice and continuous improvement.
• Simple maintenance: With general parts, procure and replacement is simple and easy.

Machine Structure:
• Robotic and frame/base (ABB and FANUC are our preferred suppliers).
• Conveyor
• Control System.
• Safety fence

Robotic System Advantages :
• Simple construction, highly reliable, easy maintenance
• Low operation cost, less quantity of component, less spare parts
• Less energy consumptions (one-fifth of the tradition mechanic palletizer)
• Less space requirement
• Touch screen system, easy operation